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What to Expect After

Microblading is a TWO-STEP process.  The first step is the initial procedure and the second step is your 6 week follow up visit!


Everyone heals differently and has different retention rates that effect the process. Following your post-procedure instructions is crucial to the effectiveness of the procedure!


As you start the healing process, the area treated will appear darker and more intense than anticipated, this is normal. Scabs form after a couple days and make the pigment seem thicker. Some light swelling is possible and there may be tenderness.


As the scabs fall off at their own pace, the pigment will lighten drastically and may seem as if it has disappeared all together. This is temporary and is due to the new skin forming over the treated area.



Natural exfoliation has occurred and the color will start to reemerge. By this time, the skins cell turnover process has had enough time to restore your color.


Come in for your touch up as your skin is ready. This can be from 4-6 weeks or even 6-8 weeks since we all heal differently. Once you have experienced all steps listed above at your own pace, you'll know the area is ready for the next perfecting step of the process! ​

Trust the process, know that any perfecting touches must wait until the later appointment to prevent compromising the skin. Seeing spots that are lighter than others is perfectly normal during healing and will be addressed onced fully healed by the time of the second session.


We want you to love your new look and will be available to answer any questions or concerns you have following your procedure. We are happy to have you as our client and we look forward to providing you future services.

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